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There are several homes for sale and in order for us to keep them updated, we are listing them on our facebook page.      To view please click here Do not overlook the opportunity to purchase an empty  lot and build your own home. Right now we have three empty lots for sale. They are ready to have homes installed on them. Just get in touch with one of the many local manufactures and they will do the rest. We will work with them to ensure your new home is to your liking. The price to purchase a new home can vary considerably. It will depend on the manufacturer, the size, and the extra’s like a car port or a Florida room. With regard to size, it is a good idea to call in to our office and note the site dimensions of the particular site you are looking at. They are all a little different and the manufacturer will need this information to help you. You will also need to check on the easements related to your particular site. The length of the site will include an easement at the rear and a road dimension in the front. Do your homework here. Units start at 12ft wide and go to double wides with a width of 28ft or more.
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