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What we love about Holiday Village

When buying a mobile home in Florida, you need to take a number of things into consideration. Do you buy on a rental park or a resident owned park....Do you buy on an “over 55 “park. etc etc. There are a number of choices to be made and most of them are of course of a personal nature. Whatever you decide, you will find Florida is a great place to spend the winter or to live permanently

Buying a Property

Becoming a Resident

screening If you find a residence on Holiday Village that is to your liking, the first thing you will need to do before making any firm contract with the seller, is to arrange for a screening. This is a procedure that is carried out on almost all Mobile Home Parks in Florida It is a  two way conversation where three of our members get together with you and discuss various aspects of owning a property here. There is a small charge to cover this procedure. The share and proprietary lease Holiday Village is a cooperative park. It is approximately 233 units which are each attached to a share of the whole park. When you buy a residence here, you must ensure that the share is transferred into your name. In addition, we have a proprietary lease, which also needs to be transferred into your name. This does require the services of a lawyer. We recommend that you get in contact with the law firm of Johnathon Damonte and Associates. They have looked after the parks legal matters for many years and are very familiar with Mobile Home Park law.  Johnathon is responsible for issuing our share certificates and will also ensure the Propriety Lease is changed correctly. Rules and Regulations and bylaws  Please take the time to read our rules and regulations and bylaws
The list is long! Of course, there’s the sunshine, the beaches, the many local attractions, the friendly residents, just to name a few things. We just love the laid back Florida lifestyle and we know you’ll love it too when you Buy in Holiday Village..
Affordable living in the Sunshine State - Beaches - Shopping - Entertainment - Sport - come and join us.
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